If you use a script-driven platform for your site, it stores its information in a database and the more substantial the site becomes, the more information it collects. As an illustration, if you start an online store, the size of the database which the e-commerce script uses shall increase any time you add more items. The same applies for a forum script - the more users that register and the more responses they publish, the bigger the database. If your Internet sites become more popular or you just want to add more content, this could turn into a problem if your Internet hosting account has limited database space. What the particular effect of geting to the limit will be depends on the script - the site could work adequately, but you may not be able to add any new info; the internet site could be viewed with errors; or, in the worst case scenario, the whole website may simply go offline.

MySQL Database Storage in Cloud Website Hosting

If you get a cloud website hosting plan through our company, we will never limit the growth of any MySQL-driven website which you host inside the account due to the fact that our plans feature unlimited database space. Despite the fact that large databases could affect the functionality of a site whatever the type of hosting, we do not have a limit both for the total space all of the databases can take and for the overall size of an individual database. You can easily run a web-based store with as many products as you want or a forum without worrying that you will have to delete old posts or limit the amount of registered users which you can have. Our Hepsia Internet hosting Control Panel will also permit you to import or export databases inside your account no matter their size. If you face any issues with the latter, our tech support is available 24/7 to help you.

MySQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Linux semi-dedicated servers which we offer use a custom cloud platform where the files, databases and emails are managed by their own clusters of servers. Basically, when you use this type of plan, you’ll no longer need to worry about the size of your databases due to the fact that there is essentially no limitation for the database space - we may keep adding as many HDDs or whole machines to the cluster as required. For that reason, any MySQL-based web site that you host in the semi-dedicated account could expand without any restrictions. Using the phpMyAdmin software tool, which could be accessed through the Hepsia hosting CP, you'll be able to import or export your databases with a couple of clicks regardless how massive they are. In case you do not have previous experience with such matters, you can ask our technical support for help.