Having a personal or a business web site nowadays is becoming increasingly popular, yet keeping the Internet site up-to-date may be problematic when you travel a lot or you don't have a personal computer and you need to visit Internet cafes. You cannot download and install website design software on every computer you use, especially if the application is paid or you simply have no permission to install anything. An excellent alternative in cases like this is to use an online website design application, that you can access from any computer via a browser. That way, you won't need to download anything and it'll be much simpler to upgrade your site and add new text or images. You will not need to worry about leaving the site unattended since you will be able to access its back office even when you go on vacation as long as there is any computer with any Internet browser around.

Online Website Builder in Cloud Website Hosting

Our cloud website hosting solutions include an online site builder called Site Studio, which is simple enough to be used by first-timers, and yet sophisticated enough to help you create a modern-looking internet site. You can access the app through your hosting CP and you'll never have to download or install anything. Site Studio will ask you if you would like to build a private or a company internet site and based upon your choice it'll provide you with a range of templates and pre-defined pages for them, such as: About Us, Driving Directions or Resume. For each of the themes you will also be able to select from different color schemes and styles. The adjustments which you make are going to be saved automatically, but won't be visible to the public until you publish them, so you can work on your website for a given time period and not worry that people will see a draft version.

Online Website Builder in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you buy a semi-dedicated server from our company, you'll be able to use Site Studio - an online site builder we provide for totally free with all hosting packages. The app includes over seventy web templates, each one with different styles and color schemes. A variety of pre-defined pages will make things so much easier as you will not need to create them yourself - Driving Directions or Resume, for instance. You will be able to sign in to Site Studio using any device and from any location provided that you have access to an Internet browser, so you can update your web site even when you travel and you will not have to download or install anything on your computer. If you work for several days, your visitors won't see an incomplete version of your website because the app saves all changes, but does not publish them automatically. That way, you will be able to publish only the final version.