With the Email Account Manager, provided within the Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel it’s possible to efficiently control your email accounts, no matter how many websites you’ll have. It’s easy to sort email accounts, trigger anti–spam, set email forwarding with just a mouse–click and set up filters for one’s e–mail accounts. As a result of our auto–configure scripts, it is also possible to immediately configure your mail client to function with just about any email account of yours. And that’s a modest part of what our Email Account Manager could help you with.


Built to maintain spam faraway from you

Nobody wants unsolicited mail inside the email account. Because of this, we’ve created a custom anti–spam solution depending on properly configured formulas that filter arriving electronic mail messages and hold the spam away.

You can choose among various amounts of safety, depending on what kind of junk messages you get. Moreover, you are able to identify a different degree of spam protection for different e–mail accounts. Finally, you can choose what happens to e–mails flagged as spam – to be erased or forwarded to a given email address.

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Email Forwarding

Direct messages from one e–mail account to a different one

We have managed to get it very easy for you to forward email messages from one mailbox to an alternative one inside your cloud website hosting plans account. Everything you need to do is choose the e–mail account that you like to forward and then fill out the destination mailbox in which you wish all the messages to be delivered to.

You may also switch on a copy of each and every forwarded message to be kept in the email account you already have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Organize your mail accounts with ease

If you get a number of e–mail messages every day, it is crucial that you keep them arranged. Because of this we provide server–side email filters which come into action before you look at your mailbox for new e–mails. Therefore, when you create your unique spam filters, you will not discover spam within your mailbox!

Configuring up–to–date e–mail filters is really straightforward. You’ll have to specify precisely what the filter needs to look for, the location where the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) and what transpires with the filtered e–mail messages.

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